Swiss Actor Swell Soubra

Actor Swell Soubra

Actor Swell Soubra

There are some people who are so passionate about their talent that they do not mind risking their safe careers and diving into an ocean of uncertainty. We are talking about the Geneva born actor Swell Soubra who quit his career in banking to pursue acting.

His acting career boasts several versatile roles, including movies like “The Incision,” in which he played a devious organ broker. The movie will be soon screened in film festivals such as the California Independent Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, Manhattan Short Film Festival, and Burbank Film Festival.

He acted in the Swiss psychological thriller “Sjtrijikatzch”, in which he played a very challenging role of a mentally unstable rapist.  He also appears in Stan Harrington’s film Lost Angels, which features Canadian Idol star Oliver Pigott.  He also had a major role in the popular French TV production “Les Edelweiss” which received more than ten million viewers, and was voted as one of the most popular French productions of the year. In Les Edelweiss, Souheil worked opposite iconic French actresses Claire Keim and Marie-Anne Chazel.  He is also seen in “Hunting Games” which is a comedic spoof on the popular “Hunger Games” movie and book series.  In addition to his work on the big and small screens, Souheil has also landed some impressive stage roles, such as the lead role of the narrator in Oscar and Emmy winner Milton Justice’s stage production of the classic “Middletown”. Souheil cites his work with Milton Justice as “an honor” and a “high point” in his career.  Of late, Souheil has booked a feature called “Our House” where he will play the leading role of Kenny, as well as the feature “City Limit”, both for Revolve Media and Production.

Swell laughs about his role on the popular Swiss reality show “The 5 Tourists” (les 5 Touristes), which aired in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. Though it was a “reality show”, each “contestant” was required to create a character for the competition. Souheil’s character was a millionaire businessman who won the competition by hosting the other contestants to a cruise on his yacht off the Portuguese coast.  This was Souheil’s first performance to an international audience.

Besides acting, Swell loves sports and runs marathons whenever he can. He is also and avid nature lover and takes every possible opportunity to go horseback riding and kayaking. He was part of a special event for the Red Cross, which raised much needed funds to improve drinking water in South Asia, and if he’s feeling like laying low, you may find him reading a book by his favorite author Paulo Coelho.

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