The striking and talented Corinne Davies

Corinne Davies on stage

Corinne Davies on stage

Corinne Davies was born and raised in Australia to a family with a very good background. She was always fond of singing and acting and would always take part in singing competitions including many skits at school. Corinne was a talented little girl and her interests were greatly acknowledged by her parents who were highly understanding as well as supportive in every regard. As she led a very isolated childhood, Corinne would usually make up stories and play all the characters she wanted because this was the only way that she was used to entertaining herself. At the age of 9, she started  singing lessons with the music director of the local Gilbert and Sullivan society. She proved to be a great helping hand in nurturing her talent and was the best music teacher ever.

After completing her basic education, Corinne Davies went for community theatre and spent two years in an Arts theatre degree from Queensland, Australia. After completing her degree she was accepted in the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney  where she completed a full three year acting program. During the time when she studied at NIDA, Corinne appeared in various plays such as Summer Shadows, The Return, Romeo and Juliet, All in the timing and many more.

During her acting career, Corinne was inspired by many ravishing actresses such as Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep and even Jennifer Aniston but her greatest inspiration has always been her grandmother. Corinne’s grandmother was an amazing performer and that is who she marks to be her first inspiration. She is very fond of playing Irish characters because they always turned out to be a blast and a boost for her acting career.

Corrine looks forward to working with many co- stars in the future, incuding  Meryl Streep. She was successful in establishing her career as an amazing actress and we wish her all the best in life!

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