Jade Oremus- A shining star!

Jade Oremus

Jade Oremus

Australia is known for producing some of the world’s greatest actors and actresses, and once again another star is emerging from Down Under. Jade Oremus is in her mid twenties, but has already scored up over twenty years of appearing in front of the camera and on the stage – and the experience and talent shines throughout everything that she does.

Jade began appearing in television commercials when she was merely only five years of age, and it soon became apparent to her parents that she imbibed many of the great qualities of a performer: a love of her craft, no fear in front of an audience, and a desire to work hard and perfect her talents. This drive to succeed and be the best that she could be has meant that Jade has undergone a fair amount of training. As well as attending the critically acclaimed and world renown McDonald College of Performing Arts in Sydney on a scholarship, she has also worked towards and achieved an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and a degree with honors in Law.

But her prodigious brains aside, Jade has continued to work hard on her acting. Whether it was at the Australian Theatre for Young People, Brent Street Studios, or the National Institute of Performing Arts in Sydney, Jade has made a name for herself by putting everything that she is into her studies and her performances. Compound all of her acting talent with the fact that she has studied Irish dance, classical dance, hip hop, jazz dance, and contemporary dance, and you have a star that is just beginning to gain the recognition that she deserves.

But Jade is never happy to just accept the status quo – that is why she is currently studying at the Renegades Theatre and Film Group in Hollywood, under the incredible eye of Chick Vennera, the Emmy award winning actor.

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