The life of Actress Marie Sophon

The gorgeous Marie Sophon

The gorgeous Marie Sophon

Actress Marie Sophon was born and raised in Thailand, till the age of fourteen. Marie’s father is from Thailand, and her mother was Swedish. The love of acting was in her blood from an early age and she became very passionate about following this path. When Marie was fourteen years old, she moved to the US to get her higher education.

After leaving high school, Marie received a BA in Fine Arts from Scripps College, Claremont, and an MA in Art Business from The Sotheby’s Institute of Art, NY. She has also worked in London, Bangkok, Sydney and Los Angeles within art management and marketing.

Marie has starred in several films and music videos and has also worked in theatre. Such productions include: (Cymbeline, The Crucible, The Glass Menagerie and The Sign in Sydney Brustein’s Window.) Being an actress means having certain skills and Marie has numerous skills including mastering accents such as American, Southern American, German, RP, Swedish and Thai. She can also dance in different styles, such as Hip Hop, Street, Ballet, Historic, and Contemporary. Marie is one of the few artists who can speak three languages and is trilingual in Swedish, Thai and English language. All these skills make her even more appealing as an actress of the time. Her other extra skills include Long-Distance Running, Lacrosse and Water skiing. There is a lot more to Marie, but the above are just few impressive glances of her life.


The year 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting one for Marie’s career and with her stunning looks and talent, the sky is the limit for this talented, international performer!

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