Actress Nichola Fynn finds her path of success in Hollywood

Actress Nichola Fynn

Actress Nichola Fynn

If one has bagged a role in some of the biggest blockbusters of Hollywood, does not matter a small one, including the likes of “Skyfall” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”, then that actor must have some talent to work with. The talented actress we are talking about is none other than the very gorgeous Nichola Fynn. Nichola in only the first phase of her career has already set the wheels rolling. Her roles in the aforementioned movies have been praised a lot.She has also played the protagonist’s role of ‘Beth’ in the movie “Altered Perception.” Her work in the movie has interested a lot of filmmakers and many of the insiders have already touted her as the next big star in Hollywood. However, reaching here was not a cakewalk and she had to deal with a lot of struggles. Nevertheless, the one thing that has been clear with Nichola from her childhood has been her passion for theatrics and drama.

At the mere age of two, she used to watch the movie “Grease” at least five times a day. Now a child of two does only what she feels like doing the most. Encouraged by her constant acting antics, Nichola was drafted into a dancing school. Then after passing her schooling, she enlisted in the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. It was there that she started to learn the basic nuances of acting. After completing her studies, she got her first role in the movie “The Sickhouse.”

Now she has matured immensely as an artist, has even produced, and acted in one of the major short films of Hollywood “Broken.” This short film was also a part of the illustrious Cannes Film Festival. She is highly inspired as well as motivated by Dame Judi Dench. She even aspires to work with her someday. In all fairness, her journey in the film line has started with a big bang.

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