Alan Brown’s smash hit ‘Freedom Dance’ coming soon

Lucinda Jubb in 'Freedom Dance'

Lucinda Jubb in ‘Freedom Dance’

Independent film is often the place where the majority of cutting edge, exploratory, and exciting movies originate from. Without the watchful eyes of a brand, Hollywood business, or stakeholders looking over the director’s shoulder, it is possible for brilliant scripts, incredible actors, and visionary directors to come together and make something beautiful – and once again, Alan Brown is at the thick of it.

His latest project is a film called Freedom Dance. In some ways a sequel to his 2009 film Diamond Ice’d, which he also wrote, Alan Brown is further exploring the realms of the criminal underworld. Starring James Harrison, Peter Dean, and Julia van Ellis (all three of which also featured in Diamond Ice’d), Freedom Dance is a film that unusually features two female characters as the leads: Jane and Susan.

It is widely known that film and television are in desperate need of films that do not rely on men to carry the narrative, and in Freedom Dance, that is exactly what happens. Jane, the daughter of a man inexplicably part of the criminal underworld, appears at first to be the lead protagonist, and indeed the only female within the film. However, the entrance of Susan, the lead played by Lucinda Jubb, immediately juxtaposes the two characters are equal, and yet opposite, female forces within the confusing world that envelops the audience.

The character of Susan initially befriends Jane, but in the confusing and conflicting world that they are inhabiting, it is almost impossible to tell exactly who your friends and who your enemies are. The journey that both lead characters go on run almost parallel, but so far apart that it leaves the viewers of Freedom Dance with the difficulty of deciding who they trust, who they believe, and who they like.

After filming that began in 2012 in London finished this month, there is a great deal of excitement and anticipation for the release of Freedom Dance. Unfortunately for fans, although the cameras have wrapped up, there is currently no release date to look forward to, but when this film is released, it is certain that the critics will be very interested to see how the dynamic of two female protagonists acts out on the stage of Freedom Dance.

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