Resume of Claire Cohen

Actress Claire Cohen

Actress Claire Cohen

Claire Cohen is a talented actress based in Los Angeles who has been working extensively towards theater and commercial features. She has worked with the Academy Theater Company for 9 months, where she worked in a number of off-Broadway style plays during 2012-2013. While visiting a friend in Los Angeles, she loved the atmosphere and the sunshine and moved to this wonderful city within a couple of months. Till this time, she had worked in many commercials as well as short films. She had also went for many play readings and was recognized for her work for a UN commercial where she supported gay rights. Here, she transformed into a seasoned actress and auditioned for many more roles as well. She was also cast in the Twelfth Night, found management for herself and also got signed for a new web series.

However, she never stopped learning more about acting and took classes from Larry Moss. Currently, Claire is busy with Excess Flesh, an upcoming film as well as some Indy features that are due in the latter half of the year. Claire was blessed with talent since the very beginning. She had a highly musical inclination and started to learn the violin when she was only 5 years old. By the time she was 12 years old, she was already well versed in French horn and flute, piano and the organ. In fact, she toured the entire UK and even some parts of Europe with her school choir and orchestra, giving her an intense exposure to the world of arts. However, the young Claire was quite inspired by a Knight’s Tale and Heath Ledger. Therefore, she found her passion and even her career in acting.

While she was visiting her godmother in England, she joined a summer course at the RADA. While moving back from RADA, she decided that she was going to be an actor soon. As a result, she started to audition and hone her skills even more by getting involved in the film and theater industry. When she was only 16 years of age, she secured an agent for herself and was cast in the Dance Academy, a program that was distributed by Nickelodeon in the United States and also in many European countries. In the final year of her high school, she decided to move to New York to give a new dimension to her career. This is one actress with a huge career in front of her!

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