Actress and inspiration Salme Geransar

Salme Geransar

Salme Geransar

They say, “Failure comes in only one possibility and that is quitting”, and probably they are right. Most of the time when we quit, success is just at a stone throw’s distance. However, there are people who keep on fighting and hence winning.  She is one of those. She has taken training at the illustrious New York Film Academy. Then she took another round of training at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts for a period of three years. Her recent film “Wish” has made her stand tall in the pecking order and she seems to be garnering all the fame and hype in the media. The rigorous training she under took at these aforementioned institutes has really fine-tuned the basic nuances in the genre of acting and have stood in good stead for her. Wait, before going any further, let us introduce her and she as many of you would have guessed by now is none other than the super talented Salme Geransar. Born in Iran and moving to Australia at the age of four, this budding superstar has always fought it out to make it big. Although, she mastered piano at the age of seven, still she did not know that she was coming to this industry. It was the disinclination towards her university subjects and the joining of that local acting school, which made a world of a difference.

She has played her part in many great shows including the likes of “Rush” and “The Orchard”. Her role in the movie “The Orchard” really has the film pundits talking and they believe it is one of her finest performance to this date. Additionally, she has learnt the art of kickboxing too. Not only can she speak in English but is also very fluent in Farsi and Spanish. All these extra skills combined with her deadly acting skills do really make her a hot property for the industry insiders.

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