Australia’s Samantha Doran

Actress Samantha Doran and her rise to superstardom

Actress Samantha Doran and her rise to superstardom

Hard work pays off- Samantha Doran, an Australian born actress is creating a buzz with her short film ‘The wolf’.

Samantha began her training at The Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. Samantha was then offered a place at the highly regarded New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. It was here that she garnered the attention of her respected teachers and industry elite. Samantha credits her time at the conservatory for her unrelenting determination and passion.

Samantha already has a long list of experience under her belt, but it was her short film ‘ The Wolf’ that seems to be capturing everyones attention. The film received best Picture at the Southern Exposure Film Festival and was nominated for Best Screenplay at the Martini Awards. The abstract film was a dark and twisted take on the childhood fairytale ‘Red Ridinghood’. Doran credits her theatre training at the VCA for preparing her for the physically and emotionally demanding role; “..Having a base training in Musical Theatre really taught me the importance of improv and helped build my stamina as an actor.”

After completing the film circuit, the short will soon be available to view online.


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