An insight into the life of Rudy Vermorel

Filmmaker Rudy Vermorel

Filmmaker Rudy Vermorel

Rudy Vermorel is a  film and video editor,  well known for his amazing direction. He was born in France, and his childhood was spent living between France, Costa Rica and Panama  with his family. He was very fond of watching movies and playing video games and since childhood he adopted a huge interest in this field as he loved shooting videos and editing them as part of his hobby.

He always knew he wanted to establish himself as a renowned director so he started working to make his dreams come true. When he jumped into his teenage years, Rudy started out  by shooting and editing videos for local musicians which turned to be really successful. He began to get bigger projects as his work was being admired and loved by everyone. Rudy became an inspiration for young directors, and people were amazed to see his work which was so perfect. He did his Bachelors in Mass Communication and after that, he moved to London in the year 2010. In about three years into his stay in London, Rudy started working on bigger projects such as McLaren,Walkers, Wella and music videos  including many commercials, where he gained a lot of experience.

After getting a lot of exposure in this field, he decided to create videos of his own and started working on his own projects by making a team of photographers, hairdressers and trained makeup artists. His projects became successful and this way, he made it into the limelight earning a name for himself. Rudy was very much into video editing, overlaying images and adding special effects to the videos; it’s more than a passion for this guy.

This is one young and driven filmmaker from France, you definitely need to keep your eyes on!

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