Mathilde Bresson- Behind the lens

14_01_sans titre_466

Current art photography has become a trendy art form that is recognized around the world. Unlike simple part-time photography, today’s modern photography comes with a high price tag. It includes a large range of topics including scenery, sketch, journalism, and those photos used to express glamor and beauty, in particular those in the world of fashion. Mathilde Bresson is now a professional photographer talent. She is specialized in fashion photography and dreams to have her photos in magazines.

Photographers used to convey the messages through their pictures and provoke the emotions of observers. Getting the exceptional results from the photos is the art of photography. Though the selection of the equipment is essential the use of  it also requires training. Mathilde Bresson is passionate and works hard to succeed in fashion photography. For her, being a photographer is a perpetual challenge, namely to offer a variety of images, search for new horizons, propose and constantly surprise. She is self-taught.

In the future, she intends to work with luxury brands, fashion magazines; collaborate with artists for personal projects and work on music videos.

Her favorite project was a campaign for a jewelry and clothing brand. She worked all day with an amazing crew, MUA, hairdresser, stylist and model in Saint Tropez, France. She loves when everybody shares their ideas. Being surrounded by artistic people in the end created beautiful pictures for the brand.

In the field of photography you have many different ways you may choose, depending on your individual skills, the career opportunities, and so on. Photographers can be employed by companies who want to promote or sell their goods and services to the public. Mathilde Bresson wants to gain experience abroad to enrich her and enjoy exceptional places, because she loves to shoot outdoors. For this, the ideal place is the US for her artistic vision and the beautiful places.

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