Ray Emodi- The star from Nigeria!


Ray Emodi is a Nigerian actor whose passion for acting has led him all over the world.  From a very young age, Ray’s natural attraction to music, movies and theatre was clear. His passion is making movies, he follows this as a life mission and has found significant success in his mission.

Ray Emodi was born in Enugu, Nigeria. Most of his brothers and sisters left for boarding school when he was a child, leaving Ray to grow up with just his imagination. He found solace from his loneliness in music and acting. He spent hours acting out his favorite scenes from the movies.

Moving to Nottingham, England for a Business Management and International Strategic Enterprise degree took him away from his passion, but not for long.  While studying, Ray managed to make three successful films in his free time.  But those films could only satisfy his heart’s desire momentarily. Tired of holding back and only pursuing his passion part-time, Ray began fully immersing himself in the world of acting.

Ray moved to the U.S. where he obtained a degree in Acting for Film from the prestigious New York Film Academy. Dedicated to his craft, Ray makes it a point to always be working. He has extensive training in stage combat, Tai Chi, and Shakespeare already under his belt, but his bag of tricks is ever-growing.

It wasn’t long before Ray landed the leading role of Alpha in Dennis Hodge’s award-winning film A Daughter’s Dilemma.  Playing the villain Alpha, who lures Marylyn, the star,into a life-threatening situation.  Ray’s “bad boy” character is spot on.  It’s easy to see how Marylyn is taken in by his good looks and charm, only to be used and hung out to dry by the selfish hunk.

Ray’s next role was more layered and sympathetic, as anagoraphobic who is lured out of his home after years of self-imprisonment in order to connect with a woman he meets online in award-winning director Omar Monge’s most recent film God’s Own Villa.The film generated a lot of buzz at the LA International Underground Film Festival due to Ray’s arresting performance in this starring role.  His ability to meaningful portray a person with such a debilitating phobia and still make the character accessible to the audience is truly remarkable.

Ray refuses to be typecast.  With success in dramatic roles in A Daughter’s Dilemma and God’s Own Villa, Ray challenged himself with the starring role in a dark comedy, You Don’t Say!, a buddy comedy where Ray plays a stoner who is forced to work off his debt to a drug dealer by going on a dangerous and wacky errand, and performing in front of a live audience as the ‘Hunchman’ in Chris Berube’slive staging of the twisted fairytale Happily Whatever After.  Ray’s turn in this role garnered standing ovations from multiple Hollywood audiences.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Ray Emodi, the hottest Nigerian actor in Hollywood.

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