Bret Kennedy- The talented actor from down under!

Bret Kennedy is the first of two children. He has a sister who is 20 months his senior. He existed and acted like an adult in a little suburban town called Fairfield, in the western suburbs of Sydney. Show was never a draw card at school for him. He was increasingly into his sports. At 22 Bret made companions with a stunt co-ordinator in the Us by the name of Jeff Pruitt, who happened to be the stunt co-ordinator for Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series. It was here that his energy for film was launched. He contemplated hand to hand fighting for 4 years in Sydney, and after a troublesome choice, chose to climb to Queensland to puruse his profession further.

Bret prepared for 4 years as a stunt perfomer, picking up as S.a.p after the first year, empowering him to take a shot on set as a qualified stuntie. In 2005, Bret auditioned for a part in a short film called “Netherworld” where he was to fill the role of Gabriel. The short went ahead to win in front of the rest of the competition in the New York International Independent Film Festival. However, all the more vitally he began another fellowship with executive Greg Connors and Producer Stuart Wall. The three went ahead to make Filmwerx77, a preparation organization that might see Bret in the part of Michaels, a soldier of fortune attempting to get by in “The Dark Lurking”. The production is at present screening in North America, Russia, Japan, with discharges in Thailand, Vietnam and Japan early 2010.

The start in The Dark Lurking, which emphasized Kennedy’s stunt works, is truly basic: all the survivors have to do is to get out alive. The point when this story is situated in the realm of science fiction, this film is to have the heroes call for assistance, uncover the Starship Enterprise and call for “beam me up Scotty”- That might close the film quick.

Rather, what this film does is to proceed for more or less 95 minutes incorporating credits. No one is set to leave alive and that is too bluntly secured at the beginning. No one at Outpost 30 even knows their destiny, yet that absolutely won’t prevent them from attempting to make it up to the surface.

The future looks bright for this extremely talented Aussie Actor- Bret Kennedy!

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