Thelma Gudmunds- A talented Theater And Film Actress

Hailing from Iceland with looks of a classical English or French actress, the beautiful, Thelma Gudmunds, is known to be an extremely talented and gifted performer. She has worked in several commercials, theater and films throughout her career and has been educated extensively in the field of acting. After moving from Iceland in order to further her career, Thelma began taking evening classes for the camera at the Cours Fransoise Covillault, then continued classes at the Jack Waltzers Actors Studio in Paris where she majored in scene studies.

Thelma was given a scene from the movie Closer to play the part of Anna, where Jack Waltzer, her teacher and coach from the Jack Waltzer’s Actor Studio, praised her portrayal of the character. He said it was one of the best he had seen, when it was staged in NY, LA and London. After settling in London, Thelma underwent a Bachelor of Honors Degree in Acting from the famous Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts. Greats like Paul Vale have praised Thelma’s acting skills during her studies at Italia Conti as a highly skilled and versatile actress. ‘Thelma leads you to believe that she is not from Iceland, as her accent and her acting skills go way beyond the nativities of this place’. Paul also suggested that Thelma can actually leave her previous roles and accents behind and grasp a new character in totality. He especially loved her monologues and comic timing.

Later, Thelma went for the Intensive Workshops at the renowned Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles and TVI, in New York. Thelma portrays a wide range of human emotions in her performances and counts performing in theater as one of her favorite platforms. In earlier days, Thelma also studied at the University of Bordeaux where she learned French, literature, arts and poetry, where her preliminary acting stints also started at the same time.
Thelma has played many interesting characters in theater productions, such as Marlene Dietrich in Piaf, Bertha Mason in After Mrs Rochester, The Mother in Law in Lorca’s play Blood Wedding, as well as others. She has also featured in many commercials, throughout her career, for several products in places like Tokyo, Paris, London and Iceland.

Thelma feels very comfortable working in front of the camera, in the many roles she has played in independent and short films. In the feature film Natalie, Thelma raved about her amazing and unique experience on set with fabulous French actor Gerard Depardieu, who she says was very friendly, taking her around the set and introducing her to his many friends and colleagues.
Thelma is also trained in Armed and Unarmed Stage Combat and Physical Theater, to add to her long list of talents. Thelma speaks French, English and Icelandic fluently and has a general American, Icelandic/English accent. Music wise, Thelma can also sing Soprano. The future just keeps getting brighter for this amazingly talented young actress!

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